The story of Zoon is the classic but true tale of a small home business start-up that follows the dreams of two young friends. A tale that has revolutionized the service industry in Guyana while maintaining the colour and energy that thrives among the youth.So sit back as we take a stroll down memory lane

The Idea that sparked the birth of the company occurred when a Young Entrepreneur, Jason Singh, had a bad experience with a local shipping company as he attempted to expand his small business - an internet cafe. Heavy fees and hidden shipping charges almost crippled his small business and made him question the way the industry was designed. Almost immediately he realized that this was an industry that needed lots of change. Interacting with many locals he realized that it was only fair that people were given better choices!

Online Shopping started at the heart of Newtown Kitty in October of 2010 at Jason's Internet Cafe. Quickly realizing the formulae for success and with growing demands on the business module he made contact with his old time friend, Fabian Shaw, one of the first set of pioneers of the internet cafe industry in Guyana. Sharing the secrets of his newly acquired formulae Fabian then started online shopping from his Home Cafe. Together, these two friends were rocking awesomeness from their cafes! People loved it and it was a Hit! Burning the midnight oil and coming up with creative ideas that quickly revolutionized the industry we see today.

Understanding that working together they stood a better chance of dominating the Online Shopping industry, a decision was made to close down their respective businesses. In August 2011, they came together and created ZOON Online Shopping.

Hiring Leon Ramkirpaul as its first Employee. Leon’s awesome contribution to ZOON made him a favourite face among customers, propelling him to become the company’s Core Operations Manager. The small team continuously raised the bar for customer service in Guyana and expanded exponentially by partnering with various freight Forwarders in Miami and around the world.

Zoon quickly became a household name for online shopping, enabling its customers to make purchases from virtually anywhere in the world and having those packages delivered to their doors. Efficiency and Affordability became the catalyst for Zoon’s growth resulting in its expansion across Guyana. The small business evolved into a National Incorporation in 2016, employing over 50 persons between 4 branches.

Today Zoon is recognized as a major player in the shopping and shipping industry and has been credited with revolutionizing shopping in Guyana. Always recognizing the power of the youth the company has always focused on being ‘in the loop’ with Fashion, Technology, Entertainment and all modern resources available in today’s world. Utilizing smart logistics and a unique understanding of the shopping industry, Zoon continues to deliver fast and reliable service at the lowest rates possible. Anyone can do shipping but not everyone can provide the unparalleled service you’ll find at Zoon Inc.

To be the Number One Brand in Online Shopping and Preferred choice by businesses for Shipping Solutions in Guyana and throughout the Caribbean.